Industrial Stormwater Services

In 2003, Libby Environmental started providing Stormwater services to Washington State businesses.  Our idea was to make an otherwise cold and wet task, easy and a little fun.

Using the Mary Poppins School of Motivation, we supply and stock, for free, a fully inclusive cooler, labeled sampling bottles, filled out chain-of-custody (COC), and chocolate.  We’ve found that the “spoonful of sugar” makes the inclement weather a little sunnier…or at least sweeter.

Send Libby Environmental your Stormwater Prevention Plan (SWPP) and we will create a custom sampling kit for your business.  And because we’ve filled out the labels and COC, all you need to do is fill the bottles with Stormwater, sign and date the COC, and send the cooler back to Libby.

Our goal is to make the sampling fun and easy, and to help keep you in compliance with the Washington State Department of Ecology regulations.  Your business will receive a quarterly reminder call to assure that you can keep top-of-the-mind awareness of your sampling status.  This quarterly conversation is an opportunity to connect with the lab, ask questions and/or make changes to your supply order.

Analyses include but are not limited to:

Oil & Grease
Total Phosphorus

Let Libby Environmental provide your business with our trademark customer care and quality data packets. With our custom Stormwater kits, friendly reminder call, and chocolate, we can take the “Storm” out of Stormwater collection.

Need help with stormwater sampling? Check out the Department of Ecology’s helpful guide and don’t forget to grab our stormwater chain of custody.