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In preparing Libby Environmental’s “About” page, it occurred to me that we are more than the sum of the parts of “what we do”…Now don’t get me wrong, Libby’s mobile lab, fixed base lab and Stormwater capabilities are what we DO, but it’s not Who we are…So ABOUT Libby, I think our employees put it best:

We are a small business and being small means that you can speak directly with your chemist, our support staff and Libby’s owner.  You aren’t a face in the crowd; you are a valued member of a team effort to get you the best and most timely data possible.

Being small means that we are interested in building relationships with clients and Washington State departments, and by doing so, Libby is positioned to meet your needs and thus the needs of your clients with quick turn-around-times and quality assured and controlled data packages.

As a small, independent laboratory, with a national presence, you get the benefit of our years of experience in the field and in the lab, with a reputation of quality and accessibility.

We will take the time to hear your story, understand your unique site parameters, and assist you to execute your project with economy and precision.  When you use our mobile lab, you’ll be provided with lunch, coffee, snacks, and a warm, dry table to prepare your paperwork.  Oh, and there’s always chocolate.

Whether you are onsite in a mobile lab or arrive at our fixed base lab in Olympia, you will be treated as a guest, as a professional, and a friend.  As a team, our staff takes pride in giving great customer service…getting your samples analyzed and data into your hands, being available to answer questions, and/or handing you a cold soda and your choice of chocolate…they want you to know that Libby Environmental is run as family-style company and you, our client, are part of something that goes far beyond what ordinary labs offer – Here at Libby Environmental, you are part of the team and part of the family.

Jamie Deyman
Libby Environmental, Inc.

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