Fixed Base Laboratory Services

Libby Environmental’s fully equipped Fixed Base Laboratory is a custom environmental chemistry laboratory specializing in providing accurate results in a timely manner.  We excel in furnishing quality environmental analytical services and innovative specialty services.

Libby Environmental’s fixed base lab receives a variety of samples from across the country and the Pacific Northwest. Our chemists and technicians produce high quality data with a selection of Turn-Around-Times (TAT) and offer an integrated approach to customer service.  We provide technical support by listening to your goals and customizing an analytical program to meet your needs.

Our analytical capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Passive Soil Gas Surveys


*Fully equipped fixed base lab
*Self-contained laboratory, specializing in customized, expedited assessment services
*DOE accepted, certified data
*We are a small, independently owned laboratory
*Fully stocked supply of vials, coolers, labels, chains-of-custody forms, chocolate


*Fixed base chemistry produces data quickly, accurately, and inexpensively
*Customized analytical services are designed to be project specific to fulfill your project’s unique parameters
*In house, Senior Chemist oversight of quality assurance and quality control of your DOE accepted data
*As a small independently owned laboratory, we are able to receive your samples weekdays, weekends, and evenings
*As part of our quality customer service, Libby Environmental supplies, free of charge: Sampling jars and vials, labels, coolers and chocolate!

Projects that benefit from Libby Environmental’s Fixed Base Laboratory include:
Site assessments and investigations; projects that produce large volumes of samples with quick or standard TAT; Stormwater samples related to quarterly monitored Industrial Stormwater Permits